Firm Profile: 

Colombian Law Firm

We are an innovative law firm that offers comprehensive legal services to businesses, private equity entities and high net worth individuals in Colombia and around the world.  Based in New York City and boasting a multijurisdictional approach to client service, Langon Colombia has quickly established a reputation for excellence in the local market. From negotiating multi-million dollar M&A transactions to developing tax-efficient international expansion strategies, Langon Colombia can help your business navigate the legal and regulatory landscape in Colombia from day one.

Our Values:

Our values define our practice. They also represent our commitment to helping our clients achieve their business goals quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively.


Langon Colombia has assembled a team that includes some of the most prominent attorneys in Colombia. All our partners and counsel have graduated from the best law schools and business schools in Colombia, the United States and Europe and have had extensive experience in their respective fields.  This means that you can trust Langon to handle all of your most important legal matters.


Many foreigners who are interested in doing business in Colombia are often apprehensive about engaging local lawyers for fear of becoming victims of fraud.  Others are wary of doing business in Colombia because of a general unfamiliarity with local business and legal culture.  Langon Colombia is a leader in providing legal services to foreign clients precisely because it is based in the United States and is managed by foreign attorneys.  This has earned our law firm unprecedented credibility and trust in the local market.


If you operate a business in Colombia you already know that the client service provided by local law firms is often lacking.  Work-product may not be provided by set deadlines.  Phone calls are not always returned promptly.  Emails go un-answered.  Unlike local alternatives, Langon Colombia is committed to providing our clients with world-class client service.

Client Testimonials:

Our real estate development company hired Langon Colombia to manage all the legal facets of our operations. Their professionalism and focus on customer service has allowed us to focus on our core business with confidence. If you are planning to start operations in Colombia, or even if you are considering switching your legal service providers I highly recommend Langon Colombia for all your legal needs.
Richard Bertossa, CEO – I.F.C Construccion Invest SAS