Anyone who does business in Colombia knows the importance of having access to a top-notch accountant.  From updating company books to certifying company finances, Colombian accountants are key members of your business team, particularly given the complexity of the local regulatory environment.

Langon accountants provide our clients with affordable accounting services including:

  • •Bookkeeping: managing and updating company books on a monthly, quarterly and annual basis;
  • •Payroll: managing payroll obligations consistent with local law;
  • •Social Security: managing company social security obligations consistent with local law;
  • •AP/AR: managing payment processing for vendors, relevant service providers as well as payments from clients;
  • •Financial Statements: drafting and finalizing financial statements applicable to your business as required by the DIAN and/or internal company requirements; and
  • •Tax Filings: drafting and finalizing annual company tax filings at the local, “departamental” and national level.