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If you are interested in staying in Colombia for a significant amount of time you will eventually need a Colombian visa. Langon’s comprehensive visa services have become nothing short of the market standard. From helping you secure retirement, work and student visas to structuring a much more nuanced visa acquisition strategy specific to business clients, Langon can help you obtain a visa quickly and cost-effectively.

Langon has helped literally hundreds of clients secure a visa tailored to their own specific requirements. Langon clients can take advantage of the following:

Langon boasts an APPROVAL RATE OF OVER 90% for all visas processed since 2009.

Unparalleled Service:
If you have ever dealt with service providers in Colombia you already know that client service is often lacking. Documentation is not always provided by set deadlines. Phone calls are not always returned promptly. Emails go un-answered. Unlike local alternatives, Langon is committed to providing our clients with world-class client service.

Because our visa services are provided virtually we offer THE MOST COST-EFFECTIVE SERVICE IN THE MARKET. Period. Plus with our Best Price Guarantee you have the peace of mind that no other comparable service provider can do it for less.


The following guide includes a comprehensive overview of the visa application process in Colombia.

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With packages starting AS LOW AS US$75 and boasting our unique Best Price Guarantee, Langon continues to provide the most comprehensive and affordable visa services in the market.

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