Complying with employment and labor regulations is one of the most critical issues for any company operating in Colombia.  A failure to structure a solid employee risk management strategy can mean having to spend hundreds of millions of Colombian pesos defending frivolous civil actions.  It could also invite unwanted scrutiny from government agencies.

Langon’s Employment and Labor Group has extensive experience in employment and labor law matters including:

  • •Contractor Contracts: drafting, editing, negotiating and reviewing contractor-related contracts, including contracts for “prestaciones de servicio,” confidentiality agreements, non-circumvention agreements, and related agreements;
  • •Employee Contracts: drafting, editing, negotiating and reviewing employee-related contracts, including employment agreements, confidentiality agreements, non-circumvention agreements and related agreements;
  • •Strategic Counseling: conducting comprehensive risk analyses based on the client’s specific situation and overall risk profile;
  • •Personnel Counseling: providing clients with ongoing advice re hiring decisions, terminations, employee discipline issues, reductions-in-force and other personnel matters;
  • •Employment and Labor Counseling: providing clients with general advice re local and national laws and regulations that impact their operations in Colombia including regulations promulgated by the Ministerio de Trabajo and other government entities;
  • •Employment ADR and Litigation: representing clients in mediation, arbitration, and civil court proceedings in connection with employee-related actions involving claims of discrimination, sexual harassment, a failure to contribute to Colombia’s social security system, and other issues; and
  • •Unionized Labor Issues: negotiating with organized unions, managing union contracts on behalf of clients, and reviewing whether specific union activity complies with applicable regulations.