Whether you are considering cross-border licensing options with a Colombian partner or are looking to establish operations in Colombia, Langon can help you design and implement an international expansion strategy that is right for your business.  Strategies may include:

  • •Contracts with Agents and Distributors: If your company is looking to market a product or offer a service in Colombia without the risk associated with financing a local subsidiary you should consider the advantages of working with a local agent or establishing a relationship with a distributor. This is often the fastest and most cost-effective way to access local markets;
  • •Joint Ventures: Companies typically enter into international joint venture arrangements in order to take advantage of existing production and/or distribution synergies. This results in a reduction in operating costs and an increase in overall profit margins;
  • •Exporting Products and/or Services: Selling directly to end-customers abroad is a preferred option for companies seeking to test market penetration strategies in advance of a direct entry into the local market.  Langon has extensive experience in negotiating sales agreement as well as agreements where services are being sold to customers abroad;
  • •Establishing or Managing Local Franchises: The franchise expansion model is ideal for companies with a high-value business that are interested in building an international presence while maintaining control over brand image and related intellectual property assets For franchisees, this model offers an opportunity to reap potentially huge profits using a proven business concept;
  • •Investing in an Existing Business: Direct investment in an established business in Colombia gives your company the opportunity to participate in a foreign market without having to finance a local operation from scratch;
  • •Wholly-owned Subsidiaries: Depending on your overall business objectives, establishing a wholly-owned subsidiary in Colombia may very well be the best strategy for your international expansion; and
  • •Purchasing Existing Business: If done correctly, buying out an established business in Colombia can provide your company with direct access to a foreign market while securing a pre-existing customer base, proven distribution channels and valuable market intelligence.