Langon attorneys have extensive experience in the Colombian mining sector.  They regularly counsel clients on all aspects of the mining business including:

  • •Joint Ventures: drafting relevant partnership/joint venture agreements related to mining operations in Colombia;
  • •Operational Issues: providing clients with ongoing analysis on operational and management matters implicating Ley 685 of 2001 and successor legislation, including Ley 1382 of 2010;
  • •Environmental Issues: ensuring that all mining operations comply with initial as well as ongoing environmental regulations promulgated by the Colombian government, including the Ministerio de Mina y Energia;
  • •Royalties: overseeing the distribution of royalties consistent with applicable partnership/joint venture agreements as well as Colombian law;
  • •M&A: managing the acquisition and/or disposition of mining assets (including government mining concessions) by local and/or international investors; and
  • •Government Adjudication: representing mining clients facing adjudication proceedings initiated by the Colombian government.