Those of you who have followed us on social media this past year know that foreign-owned businesses are currently facing increasing challenges in registering and even maintaining corporate bank accounts throughout Colombia.

Starting a Business in Colombia: Registering Your Business

Registering a Business in Colombia

Registering a local business entity is not always clear-cut. In our fourth article in our ongoing series “Starting a Business in Colombia,” you will learn all the ins-and-outs when registering a local business entity in Colombia.

Decrease in Working Hours

Dicrease in working hours in Colombia

If you run a business in Colombia get ready for the most significant changes to employment law in decades. In particular, expect a reduction in the number of maximum hours local employees can work, along with significant changes in how to manage employees.

Accounting in Colombia in Crisis

Accounting in Crisis

While accountants in developed economies enjoy a fairly static accounting regulatory space, Colombian accountants have been confronting an increasingly complex tax, accounting, and administrative landscape since 2012. Below is a brief, non-exhaustive summary of how corporate tax and accounting norms and obligations have changed over the past decade or so.