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Anyone who does business in Colombia knows that employment laws in Colombia can be complex. Managing employee-related complaints and civil law suits can be even more challenging. Employers need attorneys that can provide aggressive, personalized representation, particularly as the potential financial impact of these actions and related penalties can be significant.

Our Litigation Practice Group provides employers comprehensive legal assistance in connection with the following matters:

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  • breach of Employment Agreements (“Contratos Laborales”);
  • breach of Confidentiality Agreements (“Acuerdos de Confidencialidad”);
  • breach of Severance Agreements (“Carta de Terminación del Contrato de Trabajo”);
  • treating contractors as employees;
  • allegations employer failed to pay adequate social security obligations;
  • employment discrimination claims;
  • medical leave accommodations;
  • disability accommodations;
  • failure to pay adequate benefits;
  • sexual harassment claims; and 
  • retaliation in connection with employee complaints.

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