Practice Areas

Comprehensive legal services to individuals and business clients in Colombia and around the world.

Business Law

Our Business Law Practice Group can help you grow your business in Colombia.

Starting a Business in Colombia

We help our startup clients develop the right corporate and legal structure necessary to grow their business

Managing a Business in Colombia

Managing your business in Colombia is our first priority

Corporate Law

From risk analysis to corporate governance management, Langon provides comprehensive advice in all areas of corporate law

Expanding Your Business in Colombia

We help foreign companies expand
into the Colombian market while
minimizing legal risks

International Investment in Colombia

Langon can help you at every stage of any transaction involving foreign investment

Tax Law

We specialize in structuring tax-efficient strategies in order to minimize overall tax liability

Real Estate Law

Our Real Estate Practice Group can help you buy, sell, rent and develop property in Colombia.

Buying Property

We have the knowledge and experience necessary to safeguard your real estate investment

Selling Property

We can help you sell your property in Colombia while minimizing local risks

Renting Property

We help property owners minimize their risk in the local rental market

Developing Property

From purchasing land to structuring sales, we help developers throughout the property development process.

Commercial Law

Our Business Law Practice Group can help you negotiate and finalize all your business contracts in Colombia.

Standard Agreements

We structure key legal agreements that all foreign business owners will need in Colombia

Commercial Agreements

We specialize in structuring commercial agreements in Colombia

Loan Agreements

Whether you are lending or borrowing, Langon helps protect your interests

Service Agreements

We can help you negotiate and finalize a Service Agreement under Colombian law

License Agreements

Whether you own a patent or trademark, langon can help you license your intellectual property in Colombia


Our Litigation Practice Group provides aggressive, personalized representation in Colombia.

Business Disputes

We take an aggressive approach to protecting our client’s business interests

Landlord Tenant Law

We assist clients facing all types of tenancy disputes

Employment Claims

We specialize in protecting your business from frivolous employment law claims

Visas & Immigration

We help clients facing visa and/or immigration challenges in Colombia

Family Law

Our Family Law Practice Group provides comprehensive legal representation to our foreign clients.


Langon helps families worldwide manage all the legal issues that arise following the passing of a loved one

Marriages in Colombia

We simplify the marriage process for our foreign clients


We ensure that your rights and interests are protected in any divorce under Colombian law

Estate Planning

Our Family Law Practice Group can ensure that your long-term interests are protected in Colombia.

Wills & Testaments

We help our clients structure a Last Will and Testament that reflects their wishes pursuant to Colombian law


We help our clients plan for their family’s future

Advance Directives

From Living Wills to Durable Powers of Attorney, Langon can ensure your wishes are respected in Colombia

Employement Law

Our Employment Law Practice Group helps your business manage your employees from day one.

Hiring Employees in Colombia

We ensure your business is protected when you hire local employees

Managing Employees in Colombia

We help our clients manage all employee requirements in Colombia

Criminal Law

Our Criminal Defense Practice Group provides aggressive, personalized representation to clients facing criminal charges in Colombia.

White Collar Defense

We provide an aggressive, robust defense to foreign business clients in a wide variety of white collar criminal matters

General Criminal Defense

We represent individuals facing criminal charges in Colombia