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Buying Property in Colombia: Cheat Sheet

If you are considering purchasing property in Colombia you should get familiar with key terminology you will hear throughout the process. Below we have summarized important terms you will hear over and over again until you finalize your purchase. We hope you find this helpful. ...

What is an Apostille?

Another quick note regarding an annoying but crucial aspect of doing business outside of your own country. Many of you have already had to deal with apostilles in connection with local visa applications, property purchases, litigation matters, and other local processes. An apostille is a higher-level notarization of a document in order to allow that document to be used in a different country. If as part of any process before a local entity you are submitting official documentation issued outside of Colombia (e.g., birth certificates, bank letters, etc) you will be required to apostille that documentation pursuant to regulations applicable in that foreign jurisdiction. Note that the rules governing the apostille process are outlined in an international treaty called the Hague Convention. ...

Be Careful When Using a Local Legal Representative

We are now dealing with yet another unfortunate situation involving one of our foreign clients. In what is a fairly common occurrence, our client hired a Colombian national to serve as a legal representative for a local SAS company, only to see their relationship with the Colombian national sour and the Colombian national use their authority as leverage in order to extract money/concessions from the company. ...

Starting a Business in Colombia

Langon can help you navigate the legal and regulatory requirements applicable to any startup venture in Colombia. ...

Managing a Business in Colombia

Managing a business in Colombia can pose significant challenges, particularly if the managers/owners are unfamiliar with local legal, regulatory and accounting obligations. Our priority is to simplify the management of local businesses even as we help our clients keep their companies up to date with all applicable obligations. ...




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