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Expanding an existing business into the Colombian market is easier said than done.  Foreign clients have to determine the most tax-efficient corporate structure.  They also have to decide what type of legal and financial relationship any new Colombian business entity will have with the foreign company.  

Langon specializes in helping foreign clients analyze how best to expand into the Colombian market.  Our Business Law Practice Group assists clients in all aspects of this process including:

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  • Business Structure:

Analyzing the best business structure for your business which can include a branch office (“sucursal”) or a formal subsidiary (“subsidiaria”).

  • Business Startup Services:

Providing comprehensive legal assistance for your new business in Colombia including, but not limited to, registering the new business entity, drafting key legal documentation like company Bylaws (“Estatutos”) and Shareholder Agreements (“Acuerdos de Accionistas”), identifying required licenses and permits, hiring employees, and filing patents, trademarks and copyrights.

  • Business Management:

Providing ongoing assistance for your new business in Colombia including, but not limited to, general bookkeeping, accounting, payroll, and HR management services as well legal assistance in connection with monthly, quarterly and annual regulatory obligations.

  • Exporting Services:

Analyzing whether your business qualifies for an exemption to local VAT (“IVA”) tax obligations if your local business entity is not selling products or services in the local market.

  • Transfer Pricing Analysis:

Drafting a formal transfer pricing analysis to minimize tax-related risks to overall multinational business structure.

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