Selling Property

We can help you sell your property in Colombia while minimizing local risks.

We can help you sell your property in Colombia while minimizing local risks. Selling real estate in Colombia can be challenging. From tax considerations to contract negotiations, it is important to retain attorneys with the experience necessary to protect your interests.

For over a decade, our Real Estate Practice Group has helped clients sell real estate in Colombia. We can assist in all aspects of the real estate sales process including, but not limited to:

Negotiating Terms:

Negotiating terms of sale with buyer and/or buyer’s agent consistent with our client’s instructions.

Purchase Agreement:

Drafting a Promise to Purchase and Sale Agreement (the so-called “Promesa de Compraventa”) that incorporates the terms agreed between the parties.

Perfecting Title/Resolving Transaction Impediments:

Managing all of the seller’s obligations including, but not limited to, efforts to resolve any title defects, cancelling any existing and/or delinquent mortgages, paying past due property taxes, and cancelling existing property liens.

Executing Public Deed:

Drafting, editing and finalizing public deed that parties will execute in order to transfer title to purchaser.

Power of Attorney:

Drafting powers of attorney under Colombian law granting a third party the authority to execute all relevant legal documents on behalf of the seller in connection with the real estate transaction.

Sales Proceeds:

Analyzing the best options available to receive payment from seller.

Investment Cancellation:

Canceling or substituting seller’s exiting investment declaration forms (“formularios”) pursuant to Central Bank regulations.

Tax Payments:

Submitting tax documentation to local tax authorities and paying applicable tax obligations pursuant to local law.