Service Agreements

We assist clients entering into Service Agreements under Colombian law.

A Service Agreement (“Contrato de Prestación de Servicios”) outlines the terms and conditions governing the relationship between a service provider and a client/customer.

These types of agreements require careful negotiation over the following terms:

  • term and duration;
  • payment terms;
  • scope of work/deliverables;
  • intellectual property rights;
  • indemnification provisions;
  • representations and warranties; and
  • confidentiality provisions.

Our Commercial Law Practice Group can negotiate and draft all types of service agreements including, but not limited to:

  • Master Services Agreements (“Contratos Maestro de Servicios”);
  • Web Development Agreements (“Contratos de Desarrolló de Página Web”);
  • Consulting Agreements (“Contratos de Consultoría”);
  • Software as a Service Agreements (“Contratos de Software”);
  • Professional Services Agreements (“Contratos de Prestación de Servicios Profesionales”);
  • non-solicitation/non-competition clauses; and
  • dispute resolution provisions.