Managing Employees in Colombia

We help our clients manage all employee requirements in Colombia.

Beyond just hiring employees and independent contractors, local businesses will need a way to manage all applicable human resources/employment law obligations. Langon assists clients in managing all employee-related obligations in order to ensure compliance with local regulations, while minimizing overall risk to their businesses.

Our Employment Law Group provides assistance in all areas of employment law including, but not limited to:

Internal Compliance:

Monitoring compliance with internal company policies, Employee Handbooks (“Reglamento Interno de Trabajo”), Employment Agreements (“Contratos Laborales”), Independent Contractor Agreements (“Contratos de Prestación de Servicios”), Confidentiality Agreements (“Acuerdos de Confidencialidad”), IP Employee Handbooks (“Manuales de Propiedad Industrial”) and other legal documents.

Legal and Regulatory Compliance:

Providing advice and ongoing assistance regarding applicable obligations impacting company employees including, but not limited to:

  • drug and alcohol testing policies;
  • compliance with wage and hour regulations;
  • discipline and discharge protocols;
  • employee misconduct policies;
  • treatment of employees with disabilities;
  • privacy protection regulations; and
  • health and safety regulations.

Hiring Employees:

Providing advice and ongoing assistance as new employees are hired by our clients.

Terminating Employees:

Managing the process of terminating employees pursuant to local law.

Employee Training:

Organizing and managing ongoing training sessions for company managers and employees intended to decrease overall company liability in connection with a variety of workplace issues including:

  • diversity and inclusion;
  • sexual harassment;
  • hostile work environment issues;
  • use of social media;
  • employee misconduct;
  • whistleblowing;
  • workplace discrimination; and
  • substance abuse in the workplace.


Providing advice and ongoing assistance in connection with the management and implementation of benefits plans consistent with applicable law.