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Investing in the Colombian market can be challenging for many foreign clients. From a general unfamiliarity with local legal and accounting requirements to language and cultural barriers many international business transactions often face stiff headwinds.

But that’s where Langon comes in. Our firm provides comprehensive assistance throughout the investment process for all types of transactions. Our services include, but are not limited to:

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  • Tax Analysis:

Conducting a comprehensive tax analysis prior to any proposed transaction.

  • Letter of Intent (“Carta de Intención”):

Negotiating and drafting non-binding and legally binding Letters of Intent in anticipation of a future business transaction.

  • Memorandum of Understanding (“Memorando de Entendimiento”):

Negotiating and drafting Memorandum of Understanding agreements in anticipation of a future business transaction.

  • Non-Disclosure Agreements (“Acuerdos de No Divulgación”):

Negotiating and drafting Non-Disclosure Agreements that allow parties to review the confidential documentation and information of a counterparty in anticipation of a future business transaction.

  • Transfer of Funds:

Analyzing the best options available to transfer funds into Colombia in connection with investment and general assistance with declaration forms (“formularios”) that client will need to execute in order to “nationalize” funds.

  • Transaction Due Diligence:

Reviewing all relevant documentation as part of a standard due diligence process including, but not limited to, company Bylaws, Shareholder Agreement, corporate resolutions, business permits, vendor agreements, employment contracts, regulatory obligations, client agreements, and company financials.

  • Formal Due Diligence Analysis:

Drafting and finalizing a formal written legal opinion that outlines the findings of the due diligence process, identifies any potential investment risks and provides overall recommendations.

  • Negotiating Terms:

Negotiating terms of sale with seller and/or seller’s agent/counsel incorporating the findings of the formal Due Diligence Analysis, consistent with our client’s instructions.

  • Investment Agreement:

Drafting relevant legal agreements including, but not limited to, Stock Purchase Agreements (“Contratos de Compraventa de Acciones”), Asset Purchase Agreements (“Contratos de Adquisición”), Joint Venture Agreements (“Contratos de Joint Venture”), or Merger Agreements (“Acuerdos de Fusion”) that incorporate the terms agreed between the parties and is consistent with our Due Diligence Analysis.

  • Resolve Transaction Impediments:

Developing industry-specific and cross-border capital acquisition strategies including managing investments by “friends and family,” organizing private placement offerings, as well as initial public offerings under Colombian law.

  • Power of Attorney:

Drafting power of attorney under Colombian law granting a third party the authority to execute all relevant legal documents on behalf of the investor in connection with the proposed transaction.

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