If you are getting divorced in Colombia you will need knowledgeable and personalized representation.

The end of a marriage is never easy. And it’s even more challenging when you are facing an uncertain legal process in a foreign language far from your home country.

With over a decade of experience, Langon provides clients facing divorce in Colombia with an aggressive, personalized approach intended to defend your legal interests while protecting your business and personal assets.

Our Family Law Group can help you navigate all aspects of the divorce process including, but not limited to:

Amicable Settlements:

Negotiating terms with counsel for spouse in anticipation of an amicable settlement.

Dispute Resolution:

Engaging in an initial dispute resolution process via a third-party mediation or arbitration center in order to secure an amicable settlement.

Family Law Litigation:

Initiating or defending a lawsuit at a local family court when mediation and other measures fail.

Child Custody:

Negotiating and finalizing terms impacting child custody issues.

Alimony (“Alimentos”):

Negotiating and finalizing terms impacting alimony payments and other financial arrangements.

Property Disputes:

Managing multi-jurisdictional/international property and asset disputes in connection with divorce proceedings.

Orders of Protection (“Medida Preventiva de Seguridad”):

Securing orders of protection and other legal options where spouse is abusive.

Marital Settlement Agreements:

Drafting and finalizing marital settlement agreements and related documentation.